Slurry injector for row crops

Designed to accurately apply slurry in row crops (maize, sugar beet and potatoes), Samson Agro’s strip-till injection unit is available in six (4.5m) and eight-row (6.0m) versions.

by Steven Vale

17 May 2019

The technique allows volumes of artificial starter fertilisers to be reduced, says the company, which is useful in countries facing tightening phosphorus regulations, such as Denmark and Germany; two countries where it has had a beneficial effect on yields in field trials.

In operation, the leading disc cuts a groove in the soil. A pair of star-shaped trash wheels divert any surface material, after which a parabolic disc raises the soil and creates a V-shaped opening. A specially developed nozzles/integrated hose then places slurry in two lines at depths from 10cm to 30cm (ideally slurry is 5cm to 7cm from the seed). Packer wheels complete the job.

Suitable for use on ploughed land and stubbles (75cm row spacing is standard but other widths are available), the units can be fitted to Samson slurry tankers from 18m³ to 35m³. Power consumption per row is 25-35hp and both widths fold to 3.0m for transport. Available to order now, the first deliveries are expected in the autumn.