There are no details, but pictures are circulating social media of a Nexat gantry fitted with a slurry tank and injector. Described as the first CTF slurry tanker, some sources suggest that tank capacity could be as high as 30m³. All we can confirm at this stage is that it was developed and fitted by German manufacturer Wienhoff and that the machine also works in Germany.

What we can add is that the slurry tanker is one of a growing number of machines developed for the Nexat (Next generation agricultural technology), which already includes a 70m Dammann spray kit, and a number of specially made 14m-wide Väderstad cultivators, drills and planters.

created by dji camera

Also, Kalverkamp Innovation, the German company behind the Nexat, has developed a combine harvester module. This uses a 5.8m-long dual axial rotor mounted transverse to the direction of travel. Cutting width is 14.0m and the grain tank holds 32m³.

Incidentally, the Nexat, which is designed to be adaptable between working widths from 6.0m to 24.0m, is currently powered by a pair of 550hp Liebherr engines mated to generators. Electricity created by the generators powers the four rubber wheels or tracks, which rotate through 90 degrees for transport.

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