SlurryKat will use next week’s Lamma to launch wider 9.0m and 10.5m versions of its Farmline trailing shoes.

The new models incorporate many of the features of the previous models, including the lightweight design, but also some new upgrades.

The extra width for the new models was achieved by adding a novel flip-over end section on the side arms, which is operated by a hydraulic cylinder. Flip-up shoes on the central section are also now standard, so headland turns are easier and the machine does not have to be folded to reverse.

The new Farmline models use the firm’s ventilated macerator distributor head, designed to deliver equal slurry distribution from every shoe along the boom.

Spacing of the shoes on the new models is the SlurryKat standard 250mm. All models are fully galvanised and fitted with new Italian manufactured UV resistant flexible hoses.

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