Pöttinger has unleashed a plethora of new grass kit ahead of next season including new non-conditioner triples and a front mower with a side-shift function to maximise the working width on straights and prevent leaving uncut strips in curves.

This Opticurve steering feature is on the new Novacat F3100 front mower. An optional ISObus control is used to automatically alter the position of the mower depending on the tractor’s steering angle or inclination of the slope.

Also new is the Novacat H rear butterfly which is coming in two sizes; the 9.46m wide H9500 and the 11.14m cut H11200. The bigger mower weighs 2,040kg and according to Pöttinger it can be operated with just 160hp, while the smaller machine needs 130hp or more.

The cutterbar is the same unit it has been using for several years. These are mounted on a centre pivot with +-/22.5 of travel with hydraulic pressure control. Separate lifting of the left and right mower can be carried out through pre-selection on the Basic Control terminal and then operating the selected spool or if you have enough services through two separate spools.

For transport, the two mowers slew horizontally to the rear and the front guards automatically fold up to produce an on-road width of just 2.20m. Pöttinger adds that the large front folding guards also means there is very good access to the beds when changing the knives.

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