Smart ploughing the Kuhn way

Previewed at the 2017 Agritechnica, the finished version of the smart plough will be on display at this year’s Agritechnica.

by Steven Vale

10 Jul 2019

Initially available on 4-6 furrow Vari-Master L mounted models, the basic smart ploughing package sees all settings (working width, offset, working depth, levelling, etc) controlled from the Isobus terminal. It is possible to store the field settings for the next season.

Plus, there are two further options within the smart ploughing package – lift and line. Lift supplements the basic functions with automated raising and lowering individual sections based on GPS data to eliminate ins and outs.

The plough also turns automatically at the headland as soon as all sections are raised. Lift can also be used to manually control the sections from the cab.

Smart ploughing line uses GPS to adjust the working width. Fully integrated into the plough design and controlled by the ISObus terminal, it corrects the curves of the field for perfectly straight ploughing.

Heralded as the only plough in the world that covers 100% of a field, benefits include the complete burial of all headland trash, increased productivity and more consistent ploughing.

There’s no need to be an expert to configure the plough, says the company, which claims that smart ploughing is intuitive and easy to use. On sale from the autumn, Kuhn Farm Machinery hopes to bring a model to the UK before the end of this year. The smart system will be available on other Kuhn ploughs in the future.