Kitting its implements out with the option of ISObus controls is the big news from Hydrac at Agritechnica 2023. This includes the firm’s snow ploughs, gritters and the product we were most interested in, its new Smartline front loader.

The benefit of utilising ISObus is that the loader controls can be better integrated and additional functionality built in such as a return to dig position, automated bucket shake or on-board weighing for the loader. On the snow plough the position of the blade from a straight to V-formation or pre-selected angles is the main benefit. For the gritter, the operator can quickly switch between different spread patterns and rates for example when working on a road and then a parking area.

Back to the loader, the Smartline boom has the same automatic connection system for the hydraulics and electrics first seen on the AutoLock range which it will be offered alongside. But it is not just the controls which have changed on the eight model range for tractors spanning 50 to 240hp. The AL2300 on show is the mid-size boom for tractors around 150hp.

To improve visibility, the parallel linkage has been redesigned and the hydraulic hoses are contained with the boom arm. The valve block, including the boom dampening accumulator is contained within the cross beam and slides out for any maintenance.

A change in the kinematics sees a 10% increase in the lift capacity and the crowd angle has been upped by 5% to 50% over the AutoLock range.

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