Czech manufacturer SMS has added reversible ploughs to the portfolio. Called the Infinite, there are four models from 4-6 furrows. Recommended tractor power is from 190 to 215hp.

Suitable for both sandy and clay soils, standard equipment includes a hydraulic cylinder with automated turning unit. The plough bodies are shear bolt protected (standard) or spring (optional). Working width is 35cm, 41cm and 47cm and the width of the first furrow is mechanically adjustable.

Offered with five different types of mouldboard, ploughing depth is up to 40cm and the 140x140x10mm reinforced frame is said to cope with the toughest soils.

Interbody distance of all models is 1.0m and the under-beam clearance is 800mm-820mm. All four ploughs share the same Cat III linkage and 10.0/75-15.3 support wheels.

The options list includes different types of skimmers and a cutting coulter on the last furrow. The Czech manufacturer says that the ploughs are easy to maintain and wearing parts cane be replaced quickly.

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