Indian tractor maker Sonalika used the recent Italian EIMA show to reveal not only a new modern look for its Solis tractors, but also its first Stage IV engine. Powered by an in-house-designed and built block, the 4-cyl 90hp engine in the new Solis 90 uses a combination of Bosch SCR and DPF technology. The standard spec includes a 12F/12R synchro transmission (40km/hr) with a 24F/24R option, and at the rear the 4.0t tractor lifts 2.5t (3.0t option). Price of the Solis 90 is expected to be below €40,000, and UK importer JJ Cook Farm Machinery hopes to have a model on their stand at LAMMA. We understand the Stage IV engine will soon power the Solis 110 (110hp), but there is no news of when this might arrive in the UK. There is also a hint that a more powerful 6-cyl 120hp Solis 120 could come to Europe by the end of next year. Good for around 600,000 units a year (sub-100hp) the Indian tractor market is the world’s largest. Sonalika reckons to be the country’s third largest tractor maker, 80% of the 100,000 units it makes a year destined for the home market. Already present in 24 European countries, the goal is to fill in the remaining gaps for the Solis brand (mainly in northern Europe) before the end of this year, and potential customers concerned about spare parts availability take note because the company has recently opened a brand-new facility in the Czech Republic. Finally, the Indian tractor giant is not only keen to sell more tractors in Europe but also a range of Indian-built ploughs, disc harrows and cultivators. Most of the arable kit it makes is designed to be pulled behind 50 to 90hp tractors, and a four-furrow plough is currently the widest. However, there are plans to add more furrows and develop wider cultivators. In India, Sonalika also builds combine harvesters but there is no news of plans to bring them to Europe.