The Sportsman 570EPS Agri Pro Edition was the first model to be integrated with the downloadable Polaris Ride Command App, allowing riders to use GPS as well as program its speed limiter with the use of geofencing technology – so riders can set one speed for inside a geofenced area, and another for outside. This means that low-speed tasks such as mowing, towing, or spraying can all be restricted within a certain ringfenced area, whilst other areas outside of the boundary can be limited to a different speed.

The Agri Pro is available in Sage green and to help maintain the look it uses colour in-mould plastics along with the 12-inch steel wheels with 25-inch Carlisle tyres, as well as metal front and rear racks for non-stop durability.

Electric power steering (EPS) and a fully integrated engine braking system (EBS) come as standard on the 2021 Sportsman 570 Agri Pro Edition. The EBS has been developed to allow a more controlled riding experience regardless of the terrain type, alongside a new clutch for smooth engagement at lower speeds – ideal for tasks where precision is needed around the farm, such as localised spraying as well as backing up to a trailer and navigating those tight gates and lanes.

The Sportsman Agri Pro is designed from top to bottom as a working machine and comes with a handlebar-mounted pod with an integrated LED work light and built-in battery charging port,  LED headlights and integrated turn signals.

The upgraded body shape with its sharper lines allows for the powerful 18AH battery to be relocated in the front rack for easy access, and many components, including the sealed suspension bushings, improved brake lines and A-Arms, and a fully sealed ignition switch enhanced the durability and resilience of this Sportsman Agri Pro, designed for the farm.

Go further and do more with your Sportsman.

Polaris Rear Cargo Box

The 80.4-litre rear cargo box provides dry and dust proof storage for any tools and equipment that can be secured easily with the two padlock locations for added security. The cargo box mounts easily to the rear rack with Polaris’ Lock and Ride functionality, and is compatible with Polaris rack extenders, utility racks and gun mounts, perfect for utility tasks.

Polaris Pro HD 3,500 LB Winch

The military tested-and-approved Polaris’ Pro HD Winch adds 1,588kg of pulling capacity with auto-stop technology. Installation is easy thanks to the prewired chassis, so there is no need to cut any panels and riders can trust everything is routed safely and securely. Built to withstand -29°C temperatures and operate fully submerged underwater, the 15-metre rapid rope recovery design has a standard pulling mode as well as industry-first high-speed recovery that retrieves open cable five-times faster than standard speeds. Featuring a lightweight, easy to handle premium synthetic rope can be controlled with a wireless interference-free remote control.