It is not just the tubular frame of the Spanish-made Geacut-600 (6m) that attracts attention, but also the three rollers. Made by Sacho Land Solutions, and on display at this week’s Italian EIMA show, the unusual prototype is designed to knock down tall stubbles at speeds of 20-25km/hr. The cutting blades slice through crop residue and mix it with the soil. Proving a one-pass solution ahead of a min-till drill, for the best results the company recommends a 200-250hp tractor. Operating at such speeds on hard ground subjects the implement to a great deal of vibration. This explains why the machine is made from high tensile steel, and to reduce the vibration the company has developed a series of patented rubber shock absorbers to isolate the rollers from the main frame. Filling the rollers with water increases the weight from just over 5t to nearly 7t for increased penetration, and while the tubular frame is purely a design feature, the company says it may be possible to fill it with water for even more ballast. As soon as the show is over the machine will return to Spain for more field tests.