Available on all sprayers with IXspray software, the standard SpotSpray software allows a 10-hour trial period to test out how it works. Based on predefined prescription maps, the sprayer shuts on and off in combination with the SpotSpray application to spray only designated spots of a field.

This is done based on the predefined sections in the control terminal and can be achieved in combination with IXflow-Air or IXflow-E, but even with normal sprayer section valves. Benefits include cost savings by reducing spray liquid volumes and the capacity increase of being able to cover more hectares with one tank.

A request from the market, the 24/36m HSS steel boom provides the flexibility to work at both widths. The standard nozzle spacing is 50cm, but additional nozzle holders can be inserted to lower this distance to 25cm to reduce drift. It is said to be easy to switch between the two nozzles.

The Boom Guide ProActive automatic boom height control system uses ultrasonic sensors to control the sprayer’s hydraulics. Claimed to work in difficult conditions,  even at higher speeds, the hybrid mode, which measures both the distance to the plant and the ground, is said to be useful when working in uneven crops.

Existing IXtrack features like the IXclean Pro cleaning and rinsing system have been updated with some new functions. These include remote switching between all important functions, like filling, agitation, spraying, diluting, priming, rinsing and tank cleaning. Turbo agitation on headland U-turn is also new as is easier cleaning of the main tank or automatic functions for double pumps.