Stepless option for John Deere 6M

In addition to the existing gearbox options, four-pot versions of John Deere’s recently-launched 6M Series tractors are now available with the AutoPowr continuously variable transmission.

by Steven Vale

26 Jun 2020

Together with the full auto mode and its automatic engine/transmission management, AutoClutch enables the operator to stop the tractor by simply using the brake pedal which, says the company, makes a huge difference when carrying out a lot of shuttle work. The aggressiveness of the forward/reverse operation can be adjusted via the corner post display.

The new 6M Series AutoPowr CommandArm

Customers looking for a more affordable solution can choose AutoPowr on the right-hand console with either mechanical or electrohydraulic SCVs. For more comfort, the premium edition option features AutoPowr on the compact CommandArm.

AutoTrac on corner post display

All 6Ms are now available with a new entry level guidance solution. With the AutoTrac on corner post display, there is no longer any need for an extra cab display. All the new system needs to operate AutoTrac is a StarFire satellite receiver. Customers can save up to 30% of the cost of a separate display, is the claim, but maintain full flexibility of choice as an upgrade is possible at any time.

Introduced at Agritechnica 2019, the first 6M tractors were delivered to customers in January. Within the four-cylinder range, the 6140M (155/166hp), which has a 2.58m wheelbase and weighs just under 6.0t, is the most popular.

Finally, a 155lit/min hydraulic pump is a new option for the six-cylinder 6175M and 6195M tractors.