Six figure sums were paid for some of the Fendt tractors sold through a major Cheffins on site dispersal sale for Somerset vegetable grower KS Coles Ltd.

The sale of over 600 lots, which took place on Tuesday (September 29) at the family farm near Wellington, saw the hammer fall on a 2019 Fendt 724 Vario with 1,708 hours on the clock for £111,000. Another 1,808-hour model from the same year sold for £110,500.

A 2018 930 Vario with 4,377 hours sold for £105,500, a 2011 820 Vario (9,161 hours) for £35,200, a 2011 820 Vario (10,730 hours) for £35,500, a 2017 930 Vario (4814 hours) for £96,000 and a 5,606-hour 930 Vario for £86,000.

Amongst the John Deeres, a 2017 6155R with 5,260 hours and loader made £60,500 and a 2015 6155R with 6,448 hours sold for £49,000. Others included a 10,937-hour 2011 6830 (£32,500), a 2011 6930 (10,561 hours/£33,500), 2013 6190R (6,909 hours/£45,500), a 2013 6190R (7,317 hours/£43,500) and a 2008 6330 (11,085 hours) sold for £21,500.

The other lots included a 2011 Asa-Lift self-propelled swede/root harvester (7,560 hours), which sold for £120,000. A 1994 Horsch TT350 VSMV self-propelled swede/root harvester (8,856 hours) fetched £5,500, and a 2009 Bateman RB26 24m 4wd self-propelled sprayer (10,822 hours) sold for £27,000.

Other kit included a Dowdeswell six-furrow plough (£1,300), while a Sumo Trio 4.5m made £12,500 and a Grimme triple bed destoner sold for £5,000. A Monosem precision drill sold for £9,270, an Amazone spreader with crane for £9,000, and Richard Western trailers from 2018 and 2015 sold for £10,800 and £11,200, respectively.

“The Coles sale was a storming success with six-figure sums paid for a number of the best tractors and equipment on offer,” comments Cheffins director Oliver Godfrey, who adds that buyers were from throughout the UK and Ireland and also mainland Europe.

“The prices paid at the Coles sale demonstrate the lack of good quality, second-hand machinery currently available on the market and the subsequent demand levels from both domestic and overseas buyers.”

KS Coles packhouse equipment including wash lines, grading and packing machinery and forklifts, is being sold in a timed online auction which will finish on October 12.

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