The Magnon 11 is a shorter chop version of the Magnon 10 which was launched in 2019. While the 10 has a total of 48 knives for a 35mm chop, the new 11 has a total of 84 blades for a much shorter 22mm cut.

The German maker says that the demand is coming from dairy farms that want a precision harvester short chop, but would prefer to operate a forage wagon. To deal with the extra chopping, the driveline is rated for 3,000Nm of torque (it is 2,200Nm on the Magnon 10) with the gearboxes getting a suitable amount of extra metal too.

You will need north of 220hp for the newcomer, which is around 20% more than the 10 series. Body capacities range from 42m3 to 52m3 without the dosing beaters. But the chopping system is not the only change being introduced on the Magnon 11, it also features an updated Flexi-Load pickup.

This latest variation doesn’t have a full band, instead there are scrapers at the rear to guide the material delivered by the polyurethane tines. One of the big benefits of this is that there is direct access to the tine fasteners making replacement a much simpler job.

The new Flex-Load will be on all of the Magnon 11 pre-series wagons for next season with the short chop machine being fully available in 2025. A limited number of Magnon 8 and 10 wagons will also get the updated pickup next year and it will eventually be made available to the conventional Zeleon, Super and Giga Vitesse wagons at a later date.

The Magnon 11 will be on the Strautmann stand at Agritechnica next month.

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