The electrically powered eVerti-Feed 1251 (10-12m³) is a new machine for Strautmann with no diesel equivalent in the range.

Drive comes from two 46kW electric motors. The first powers the hydraulics, the second the mixing auger. The 40kW battery in the 5.5t single vertical auger machine is said to comfortably mix and feed around 10 tonnes on a single charge. Charging via a standard 16 or 32amp socket currently takes 6-7 hours, but a faster option will come.

Operated via the newly developed E-Control control unit on adjustable driver’s platform, the standard spec includes a reversing camera and weighing device. In addition to its quiet nature, the tricycle format allows the nimble feeder to make tight turns. Width and length with cross conveyor are 2.3m and just over 5.0m, respectively. The plan is to build five pre-production machines next year with full availability from EuroTier 2024. The machine is expected to cost around €109,000.

Incidentally, tests continue with the full electric ePrimus 413 (13m³) self-propelled mixer wagon. Previewed at EuroTier 2022, the main change to the system we saw a year ago is that the 400v system to power the electric motors for the milling head, mixing auger, drive and hydraulics, has been changed to 700v.

The general release is still planned from the next EuroTier in November 2024 and a brochure handed out at Agritechnica lists two other ePrimus models – the 411 (11m³) and 415 (15m³). A twin vertical auger electric self-propelled feeder is in the pipeline.

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