Straw tine option for more Tip rollers

Launched last year on the Danish-made HE-VA Tip roller XL, the double straw tine option is now available on 6.30m, 7.30m, 8.20m and 9.50m Tip rolls as well as 12.30m and 15.30m Tip XL models.

by Steven Vale

1 Nov 2018

UK importer Opico says that the two rows of sprung finger tines can turn a set of rolls into a true multi-purpose machine that can be used to follow the combine to spread and break up crop residues and for creating consolidated stale seedbeds.

The tines’ action can help to generate a fine surface tilth and create ideal conditions to get weed seeds to germinate, says the company, while the aggressive stirring action of tines disrupts slug activity, destroying clutches of eggs before they hatch.

Following initial cultivation passes, the heavy-duty Tip rollers can also be put to work pre-drilling with the new harrow option providing shallow soil movement to generate a surface tilth. Rows of breaker rings then provide a firming action ahead of the drill.

Mounted on a hydraulically activated toolbar directly ahead of the roller rings, the twin rows of 16mm diameter straw harrow tines can then be lifted out of work for conventional post-drilling seedbed consolidation work.

Prices start from £7,422.