It did not top the charts in any mainland European country, but Massey Ferguson performed well in France and was constant in the other main markets of Germany and Italy.

Quoting precise figures is difficult, but if the numbers published in German dealer magazine Eilbote are correct then Massey Ferguson registered around 9,200 tractors in mainland Europe last year (8550 in 2021).

What is clear is that many of the extra units were registered in the number one market of France, where the 2,963 tractors recorded by Massey were up 21.5% on the 2,439 in 2021. The increase saw it move up the French tractor chart from sixth to fourth spot and the brand’s share of the 34,857 total market increased to 8.5% (6.9% in 2021).

Massey still has a lot of work to do in Germany, the second largest tractor market, where it accounted for just 1,300 of the total 30,344 units. Retaining ninth position in the overall standings, the brand’s market share increased to 4.3% (3.7% in 2021).

In Italy, the third largest European market, Massey registered 11.2% fewer tractors (2022/864 – 2021/978), but saw its market share increase from 4.0% in 2021 to 4.3%.

Looking at the rest of the country figures compiled by Eilbote, the German dealer magazine, the 886 Massey tractors registered in Poland (fourth largest market) of 11,736 units last year was up 13.7% on the 779 units in 2021. This is reflected in the brand’s market share of 7.5% (5.5% in 2021).

Massey Ferguson registrations also increased in Denmark, Latvia, Switzerland, Slovenia, and in Hungary (total market 3,887 units), Massey registrations increased 103.6% from 112 units in 2021 to 228 and its market share from 3.4% to 5.9%.

However, Massey lost ground in many other markets, including Austria, Czech Republic, Finland and Sweden, and was responsible for just 375 (-18.3%) of the total 9,318 tractors registered in Spain (fifth largest market) last year.

Fellow AGCO stablemate Fendt had to settle for second place in the German tractor chart last year behind John Deere. We’ll take a look at how the Marktoberdorf-made tractors fared in the rest of mainland Europe in our next report. Source: Eilbote

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