Sugar beet body for the Vredo Trac

The versatility of the Dutch-made Vredo slurry and muck spreading Trac has been further increased with the news that it can now be fitted with a dedicated 45m³ sugar beet trailer body.

by Steven Vale

30 Oct 2018

Developed in conjunction with Hawe, and suitable for mounting on the chassis of a VT5518-3 and VT7028-3, Vredo reckons that one of the biggest advantages is that the season can be extended, in some cases by a few months.

Once the slurry work has finished, the tank and pump filter unit can be swapped for the beet trailer, which unloads crop via a 1.40m-wide rear belt. Anchored on six twist lock points, when removed from the chassis, the trailer body stands on dedicated support legs.

With 687 horses and an in-house developed CVT, the VT7028-3, the Dutch firm’s largest and most powerful Trac, is normally equipped with a 32,000-litre slurry tank. As a beet chaser bin on 900/60R42 tyres, the 6wd and 6ws vehicle is flagged up as the optimal machine for efficient in-field transport.

With vital statistics of 10.0m-long x 3.0m-wide x 4.0m-high, the first two units were recently delivered to contractors in East Germany.