A new disc cultivating tool enables the 3m version of the Sulky Xeos Pro drill – normally used piggy-back fashion on a power harrow – to go direct or minimum tillage sowing at faster speeds. The Xeos Pro has two rows of generously-spaced coulters with 415mm notched single-disc openers and individual press wheels, followed by a flexi-tine covering harrow. Up to 80kg coulter pressure is applied using a ratchet turnbuckle to the coulter assemblies, which are carried on single ‘C’ tines for minimal servicing and maintenance. Working in combination with a Sulky Cultiline HR power harrow, the drill is said to be well suited to challenging soil conditions, such as when sowing grain crops in late autumn after potatoes and sugar beet. Installing the Cultiline XR cultivation tool when conditions are favourable extends the working potential of the drill as it can operate faster – 12-15kph – and cover up to a hectare more ground per hour. The Cultiline XR comprises two rows of 415mm diameter notched discs mounted individually on rubber cushioned arms. A levelling harrow is followed by a choice of 550mm sharks tooth packer roller; Farmflex soft rubber packer; or the new 550mm Tracker roller, which has notched cast rings set around a central tube.