A toolbar version of the Sulky Kronos tine drill enables growers to carry the weight of seed, hopper and metering system on the front of a tractor. The new Kronos TF is available in 36-row 5.6m and 40-row 6.0m sizes as an alternative to the regular Kronos drill introduced in 2013 in the same sizes and as a 4.8m model. Both versions have rigid tine coulters arranged in five rows for maximum clearance in a consistent pattern not interrupted by depth control wheels. Gauge wheels mounted on the front of the frame work with the rear-mounted 310mm diameter Gravity roller to regulate sowing depth. The rubber packer is a full-width device to ensure consistent consolidation of seed rows through curves. Low power requirement relative to sowing width, low maintenance and spritely working speeds typically around the 12kph mark are attractions of the drill, says manufacturer Sulky-Burel, in addition to the generous soil/trash clearance. The Kronos TF’s 1700-litre front tank not only distributes weight more evenly on the tractor for grain drilling but can also be used to increase fertiliser capacity for precision seeders, and feed a cultivator-mounted distribution head for trickle sowing of oilseed rape and cover crops.