CNH tractor operators can now benefit from sitting more comfortably. Superglide Suspension has developed a kit to replace the mechanical spring set up with a pneumatic system.

Jamie Hawkins of the Dorset based business has spent the last 18 months optimising the kit which he originally developed for his own tractor. “I spend about half my time driving tractors and the other half in the workshop as I have an engineering background,” he says. “When I was younger I adjusted the suspension on every car I had so when using our own T6.160 I thought the suspension could be a lot better so I started fitting different dampers and interest from other users has spurred me on to develop a kit and set up Superglide Suspension.”

Kits are available for New Holland T6000, T6 and T7000, T7 short and long wheelbase models as well as the equivalent Case IH Maxxum and Puma models with the caveat the tractors already have cab suspension and have air brakes.

Benefits of the pneumatic suspension is that it is always adjusting to changes in the cabs weight. With the mechanical springs they can be fully extended when travelling down a hill and compressed when travelling up so there is minimal dampening. With air the damper, it is always positioned mid-way so you have an even amount of suspension travel.

Mr Hawkins adds that their damper has an integrated bump stop which slows the damper at the end of its travel to reduce shock loads. There is also a reduction in the amount of rock/sway in the cab.

As well as selling direct, Mr Hawkins says the £995 kit will be available through a number of CNH dealers and independent retailers along with a front axle suspension kit. The latter is for T6000, T6 and T7 SWB models which generally need some form of weight to make the suspension work more optimally.

The Superglide Suspension kit comprises a second accumulator and the flow control valve is positioned within a manifold that does not restrict the oil flow as much as the original design. This allows the front suspension to travel more freely when there is no additional ballast or weight on the tractor. This kit costs £995 plus delivery.