Czech-firm Sukou is keen to find an importer to sell its ploughs in the UK, the largest of which is the ArcoArgo NP on-land family. A 12-furrow format (8+4) is on display at the Czech show this week, and smaller 6+4 and 7+4 configurations are also available. The range topper is a larger 13-furrow (8+5) version, which needs 500hp to pull it. Operating from a base just 50km from Brno, Sukou has been making ploughs for 25 years. Most of the several hundred versions it claims to make each year are currently trucked to destinations in Central and Eastern Europe. A four-furrow reversible plough is the most popular in the region, and semi-mounted ploughs are popular in the Ukraine. The majority of the large ArcoAgro ploughs produced are sold in Russia. B