Zetor Tractors is not only showing its currently-available tractors at TechAgro this week, but also a glimpse of what is coming sometime soon. Starting with the Forterra, in addition to the HSX (power shuttle) and HD (Heavy Duty), this tractor is now also available as the Forterra CL (Classic). However, the most significant new development is the inclusion of an in-house developed Stage IV engine in the Forterra. Using a combination of DPF and SCR, production of Zetor’s first Stage IV tractor is planned to start this summer. At Agritechnica last year, Zetor announced plans to expand the current number of tractor ranges from four to six, and at the Czech show this week visitors have the opportunity to view the prototype of a three-cylinder 50hp model, which will become the fifth and smallest model series. “The tractor will use a mechanical transmission with fully synchronised gear shifting with eight forward and eight reverse gears and a maximum speed of 30km/hr,” explains sales and marketing director Adam Žert. Branded as the Zetor Prototype 50, and offered in 2 or 4wd, and with or without a cab, production is planned for the first half of 2017. Zetor is also developing new front loaders for these tractors. The prototype of a new two model range of Major tractors is also on display at the Brno Exhibition Centre. Fitted with a four-cylinder 75hp engine, the new tractors will be available with a 12×12 gearbox or a transmission with 24f x 12r speeds, operated via a two-stage torque powershift and a hydraulic reverser (PowerShuttle). The tractors will have a top speed of 40km/hr. “The cab interior has undergone a number of changes and features a new integrated steering column. We plan to start series production of the new Major models at the end of this year,” adds Mr Žert. Finally, the design concept Zetor by Pininfarina tractor unveiled at Agritechnica last year is also on display at TechAgro this week. The Czech tractor maker says the design will form the basis of all future new Zetor tractors, and the plan is to show a product with the design sometime next year. B