After an absence of many years the two new Kirovets tractors on Toko Agri’s outdoor stand at the Brno Exhibition centre this week are enjoying a lot of interest. The newly-appointed importer for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Toko Agri reckons the K-744R will appeal to farms looking for a simple to maintain and easy-to-use articulated tractor. Built in St Petersburg and previewed at Agritechnica last November, TechAgro is the first outing for the tractor in the Czech Republic. The Russian factory offers several versions of the K-774R from 300 to 428hp. The Czech importer is taking the higher spec and horsepower variants of the 17.5-tonne tractors. The 420hp K-774R4 Standard model on one end of the stand is fitted with a Russian-built block, while the six-cyl and 12-litre Mercedes-Benz power pack in the K-744R4 Premium standing on dual wheels peaks at 428hp. The two engine options currently meet Stage IIIa emissions, but we understand Kirovets is preparing to include Stage IIIB versions. Both engines pump their power through a Russian-made 16-speed powershift box, while the hydraulics come from Bosch Rexroth.  The new importer has no idea which will be the more popular of the two engine options. Neither is it clear just how many of the older tractors delivered to the Czech Republic in former USSR times are still running today, but the importer reckons users know and like the old Russian engines. The Czech price of the Russian powered version start from around €170,000, while the Mercedes engine increases the price to around €190,000. Both tractors are fitted with a rear linkage/pto, and stand on Russian-made 30.5 R32 Belshina tyres. Toko Agri is planning to organise a series of demonstrations this summer to introduce the Russian tractors to Czech farmers. B