The three main Czech cultivation equipment and drill makers Bednar, Farmet and SMS, all have large stands at the Brno Exhibition Centre this week. Over the next three days we will feature new products from all three. Starting today with SMS, this company is showing its first seven-gang roller. The widest version ever from the company (previous widest 9.2m), the newcomer has a working width of 12.2m. Called the CV 1220 G, the Czech manufacturer reckons the 10-tonne machine (with largest 610mm diameter rings) requires a tractor of 200-250hp. Other ring sizes include 510, 530, 540 and 570mm. The first unit on display, which folds to vital statistics of 6.1m long x 2.8m high x 2.9m wide, and costs around €43,000, is sold to a Czech customer.