The Falcon SW (Seed Wagon), another Farmet machine shown as a prototype at Agritechnica, is now ready for a commercial launch. On display at TechAgro with a single 3,600lit hopper (but also available with a twin 5,500lit tank), the machine at Brno is coupled to a 6m-wide maize drill (8-row unit also available). Farmet is not only keen to develop the Falcon SW as a lightweight high-capacity concept, but also as a universal drill for seeding all crops. On the stand is the first 9m-wide cereal module, and the company also makes a 12m version. In use, the maize planter is quickly removed and swapped for the cereal drill. It is also possible to suspend various cultivator sections below the seed hopper. Prices start at around €36,000 for the Falcon SW. The 12m cereal drill costs an extra €46,000.