ActiveDrive 8 is a new semi-powershift transmission for Case IH Maxxum tractors. Offering eight powershift steps in each of three ranges, the box joins the existing entry-level four-speed semi-powershift (16F x 16R) and CVT options, which respectively have been renamed as ActiveDrive 4 and CVXDrive. Available on Maxxum Multicontroller models, ActiveDrive 8 provides a total of 24 speeds in both forward and reverse.

Covering speeds up to 10.2km/hr, range one is specifically designed for heavier draft work. Additional creep speeds are available for special applications requiring very low speeds. Range two, the main working range, covers nearly 90% of all field, grassland and loader application requirements, allowing the tractor to work under full load, without any torque disruption, from 1.6-18.1km/hr. For road travel, the transmission is designed to start in range three, and a skip-shift function allows quick progress through the powershift speeds. An auto shift feature means the tractor can be set to progress automatically through any set of eight speeds in the field, and through all 16 gears in the top two ranges on the road.

In terms of transmission operation, the clutch pedal is not required, meaning this transmission is suited to power-hungry tasks where momentum is important, such as cultivations or mowing with twin or triple mowers. The power shuttle ensures no loss of drive or traction during changes of direction on slopes, while a ‘brake to clutch’ feature improves ease of stopping and safety at road junctions or when stacking bales with a loader.

The transmission is not the only change on the Maxxum, which now gains the same front grille as the Optum, and there is a new 175hp (max) six-cyl Maxxum 150 Multicontroller and 150 CVX. Added at the top of the current four-pot models (115, 125, 135 and 145), the two newcomers will be fully available from the third quarter of 2018.