Three augers with cross-conveyor

Kuhn Farm Machinery’s mixer wagon line-up now includes a range of trailed triple vertical auger machines with cross-conveyor feeding.

by Steven Vale

27 May 2021

Already available on Profile 1 and Profile 2 machines, this is the first time the cross-conveyor has been available on the Euromix 3CL (Conveyor/Large 2.2m diameter hopper) series.

Suitable for dairy herds from 140 to 360 cattle, the four-model range comprises the tandem axle 28.3CL (28m³) and 33.3CL (33m³). The two larger models; 39.3CL (39m³) and 45.3CL (45m³ ) have tridem axles.

The company says the three vertical augers, along with the polygonal shape of the hopper interior, are designed to quickly break-up whole bales.

The auger knives work against two counter knives, which says Kuhn, results in faster chopping and optimum mixing, and the asymmetric teeth on the seven knives fitted to each auger provide a self-cleaning effect.

Programmable weighing is standard on all four models as is a hopper anti-overflow ring to help prevent the loss of coarse and fibrous fodder during the chopping phases.

Feed distribution is via a hatch to the right or left of the machine and a broad cross-conveyor with a hydraulic motor at each end.

The options list includes a rear discharge option to the right or left of the machine and the Intellimix mixer control system. This reduces start-up torque by up to 50%.