New Bednar seed drills for next season include the Directo Do (direct) and Matador (strip till). The 12m Efecta CM 12000 air drill is also new.

The capacity of the pressurised twin hoppers on the Directo NO 6000 (6m) is 5,000l. When combined with the optional Alfa drill 400 seeding unit, the three hoppers provide a wide range of possibilities, including planting up to three types of seeds.

Arranged in two rows, spacing between the coulters is 16.7cm, and the maximum downwards pressure per coulter is 250kg. Fertiliser can be mixed with the seed in the pipeline. A second option uses discs to place fertiliser below the seed.

Other options include a hopper filling auger and additional weights to maintain the required seeding depth and coulter pressure when working in difficult conditions.

Designed to apply fertiliser into cultivated soil strips, the Matador MO 6000 (6m) strip till drill is also equipped with a pressurised 5,000l twin hopper and available with the optional Alfa 400 seeding unit.

Spaced at 37.5cm, the two rows of tines (16 in total) are fitted with non-stop hydraulic protection; maximum release force is 870kg and maximum tine lift is 30cm. Fertiliser is applied via the tines, and hydraulically adjustable discs can be set to level the land ahead of the double rubber-tyred packer.

Bednar says that the large spacing between the first and second rows of the packer reduces the pulling force and prevents clogging in the wet. The double-row arrangement also reduces the time it takes to replace individual wheels.

The machine can be equipped with the Corsa CN seeding bar with an optional inter-row distance of 12.5 or 16.7cm, and the Matador MO 6000 can also be used in combination with a precision seed planter. In this case, every other tine is deactivated, and soil is loosened in strips with an inter-row distance of 70-75cm.

The pressurised twin hopper on the Efecta CM 12000 (12m) holds 12,000l. Split 50:50, the hoppers are connected to a seeding bar with drill coulters spaced at 16.7cm.

The new drill uses the double parallelogram first introduced on the Efecta CE machines, and it is possible to fit an additional cultivation section ahead of the coulters. Transport width, equipped when equipped with the optional hopper filling auger, is a road legal 3.0m (width) a 4.0m (height).

The Easy Control software is said to offer simple and intuitive control of all three drills, which can all be connected to an ISObus tractor. Different control displays with basic or advanced control functions are available.

Other Bednar news includes an app calibrating a seed drill via a mobile device. The app includes a guide to help users select the correct seed roller based on the type of seeds/fertiliser, working speed and seed rates. The new app will initially be available for the Omega seed drill (other models will follow).

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