A tilt correction system that aligns the working angle of the plough to maximise the available tractor power and increase work rates is one of several updates on Kuhn Farm Machinery’s Multi-Leader XT plough range.

Standard on the full range of semi-mounted Multi-Leader XT models, the patented system, which is said to reduce fuel use, lower slippage, and reduce wear on the plough, allows ploughs up to nine furrows to align with the tractor’s pull line. Compatible with GPS, the system constantly adjusts to maintain optimum working width while maximising the tractors power in both on-land and in-furrow formats.

Other new features include a Z-beam to accommodate the single 1.2m x 500mm wheel position within the main beam to allow a streamlined and compact design. A bevelled rear extension helps operators plough tightly to fences and hedges, while a press arm is available for both on-land and in-furrow setups. The new design lets trailed presses work up to the edge of the field but maintain a safe road transport position when folded.

Originally introduced in 2012, the Multi-Leader XT is available in seven, eight or nine furrows for tractor up to 450hp. All have a 180mm x 180mm beam and the ability to plough widths from 350mm (14in) to 500mm (20in).

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