Described as an ultra-shallow machine to shred, cut, mix surface residues and reconsolidate the land, the Amazone Cobra is available in working widths of 6.0m (6000-2TX) and 7.0m (7000-2TX). Both are designed to work depths from 4.0-13.0cm.

A key feature is the staggered arrangement of the six rows of tines, which says Amazone, ensures a good throughput of organic matter and soil, despite the tight tine spacing of 13.3cm.

The large amount of fine soil produced by the vibration of the Eco leaf-spring tines is said to provide optimum germination conditions, so that volunteer cereals and weed seeds establish well, which can then be combated mechanically during the next pass.

Available with a wide range of pre-working tools, tine variants and following rollers, a double harrow can be fitted to the rear of the two machines as an alternative to the roller.

This option is said to be useful for the second or third pass to bring cut weeds and volunteer cereal regrowth to the surface of the soil to dry out.

Options include spring-mounted tines behind the tine unit for consolidation and the Cobra is available with a front knife roller to cut and chop stubbles or cover crops. It can also be equipped with a leading Crushboard and a GreenDrill 501 cover crop drill.

The Cobra 6.0m model will be available next summer and the 7.0m version early 2023.