Aimed at large scale arable and grassland operations, Kuhn Farm Machinery’s Axent 100.1 trailed fertiliser spreader uses two spreading modules (one for granular products and a second for powdered material). Claimed as the first trailed machine to offer variable rate spreading and automatic section control, the inter-changeable Axis PowerPack and Lime PowerPack spreading modules allow the machine to handle a wide range of granular, pelleted or powdered fertilisers and soil conditioners. The hydraulically driven Axis PowerPack uses the same technology as Kuhn’s Axis twin disc spreaders to apply granular fertilisers across working widths from 18 to 50m. The Axis module uses the company’s EMC (Electronic Mass Control) system to continuously adjust the spreading rate across the full width. It does this by constantly measuring the torque on each spreading disc and adjusting the flow rate on a second-by-second basis. The Axis also uses the CDA (Co-axial Distribution Adjustment) system. This works in conjunction with GPS and variable rate mapping to reduce or close sections of the spread pattern. The Lime PowerPack uses larger 700mm spreading discs, which are designed to spread powdered soil conditioners such as lime and pellet fertilisers to 15m. Switching the spreading modules is said to be a simple procedure that can be completed in under 10 minutes. The Axent 100.1 has a hopper capacity of 9,400 litres and uses an 800mm conveyor to feed the spreading module. Optional equipment includes a steering axle to prevent crop damage and to improve handling on sloping terrain. It can also be specified with four weigh cells to improve spreading calibration. With a minimum tractor power requirement of 180hp, the Axent 100.1, which will be at LAMMA in January, retails from £93,657.