Developed for farms looking to simultaneously apply fertiliser and/or seed during the soil tillage operation, the XTender4200-T (4,200litre) is a trailed distribution hopper running on a single axle. Added to support the 4,200litre capacity linkage-mounted XTender launched last year, the new trailed version, which can be used behind tractors with a limited lift capacity or no rear linkage at all, is designed for operation behind tractors of up to 600hp.

Connected to the following cultivator via a standardised Cat 3 or 4N lower link cross shaft, with matching supply pipes the trailed version can be used in conjunction with implements from other manufacturers. As the maximum support load of the linkage is 4,500kg, the combined operation with bigger machinery on the rear of the XTender-T is also no problem, says Amazone.

As an option to the basic single compartment design, the hopper is also available with a 50/50 division for fertiliser and seed, or two different kinds of fertiliser. Two electrically-driven metering units, designed for application rates of 2 to 400kg/ha, are positioned to the rear of the hopper. The machine can be operated via an ISOBUS terminal, which makes part-area site specific fertiliser application possible. The XTender-T can also be operated with the optional TwinTerminal 3.0, which comes from the company’s seed drills.