The new ‘Hi Clear’ (HC) version of Landini’s 5-D tractor has an axle arrangement that permits the use of tall row crop wheels all round. Succeeding the Powerfarm HC, ground clearance of the standard 4wd 5-D HC tractors is 684mm. However, growers who do not need the extra traction of a driven front axle can opt for 2wd, which increases the ground clearance to 700mm. There are now more models and options. “During the final phase of Powerfarm HC production, power output was limited to just 92hp,” says Landini product specialist Paul Wade. “But the new 5-D HC is available with three outputs to suit different requirements.”  Located beneath the new-style hood, power to the three models – the 85hp 5-090D, 95hp 5-100D and 102hp 5-110D – comes from a new fuel-saving (up to 8%) 3.4-litre Perkins four-cylinder engine. Operators with low power demand implements will save even more diesel by selecting the new 540/540E pto combination, which gives the required shaft speed at either maximum power or at almost 30% lower engine revs. The 540/1000rpm combination remains available for more demanding implements. There are also two extra transmission choices – a 16×16 creep option is available in place of the standard 12×12 synchro shuttle unit and there are 24×12 and 32×16 creep transmissions with push-button HiLo powershift and a response-adjustable power shuttle. The revamped version of the existing four-pillar cab contains a new instrument cluster adjustable with the steering wheel to maintain a clear view. It combines analogue and digital displays to provide more information than before. The control locations and the lighter interior colour scheme are also new.