Kuhn’s FC9330RA mounted mower conditioner combination with fully integrated swath grouping units can deliver the machine’s 9.3m cut into one swath in a single pass.

Swath width can be adjusted between 1.8m and 3.6m, or the groupers can be lifted out of work to leave the cut and conditioned grass spread. Also, one of the two conveyors making up the grouper can be operated independently with the other out of work when working on headlands.

Kuhn says the new frame and support arm configuration of the grouper attachment makes the overall unit more compact and stable than earlier models, and the use of aluminium in the conveyor belt frames results in a significant weight saving.

The conveyor belts are driven by two pumps supplied by a dedicated tank integrated into the central frame. All other operational functions (folding, lifting/lowering at the headlands, suspension) are driven by a hydraulic unit connected to the tractor.

The design of the FC 9330 RA minimises the weight and stresses on the tractor linkage.

Ground following accuracy and cutting precision of the mowing units is aided by the Lift Control hydro-pneumatic suspension system and Optidisc cutter bars.

The two rear units each have an operating width of 3.5m and the front-mounted unit is 3.1m. Kuhn says the 42cm overlap on each side ensures complete coverage when working on bends and slopes and gives an overall effective working width of 9.3m.

Two lever-controlled speeds adjust the pivoting steel finger conditioning units to suit forage and weather conditions and crop losses are prevented by a transfer plate situated between the conditioners and the conveyor belts.

Control and monitoring of all machine functions can be carried out through an ISObus compatible on-board terminal or one of Kuhn’s CCI 800 or CCI 1200 control units.

The most common actions can also be controlled by the CCI A3 joystick that has an integrated screen for displaying key functions. An integrated inclinometer can automatically control the conveyor belt speed according to the steepness of slopes. LED work lights are standard.