Twin bunker on Ropa potato harvester

The twin bunker option on the two-row Keiler 2 Classic trailed potato harvester allows smaller tubers to be separated from the main crop flow.

by Steven Vale

4 Sep 2020

Believed to be a first on a two-row trailed machine, smaller tubers separated by the four infinitely adjustable (25-40mm) grader rollers are automatically directed to the 2.1t capacity bunker.

The two bunkers, which have a combined capacity of 8.5t, can be emptied individually. The maximum unloading height is 4.2m.

Added to the price lists at last November’s Agritechnica, the hydraulically-powered Keiler 2 Classic has two pintle belts (four on the Keiler 2), and the picking-off table provides space for up to eight people.

The harvester comes as standard with an ISObus control unit and an integrated telescopic axle that increases to track width from 3.0m to 3.5m. The options list includes hydraulically-powered wheels.