While Güttler’s SuperMaxx might primarily have been designed as a spring-tine cultivator, importer Wox Agri has adapted it to work as a stand-alone seed-drill. With up to seven rows of tines, seed spacings of 12.5cm are possible without compromising trash flow even in damp stubbles blanketed by chopped straw, according to the Northumberland-based outfit.

Compatible with any front tank, pairs of distribution heads send seed to where it’s required while an optional applicator can be used to overseed grass or spread granules such as slug pellets and Avadex. And when it’s time to switch back to seedbed preparation mode, Wox’s new single bolt coulter tips are quick to swap.

Back on the grassland side of things the company has developed a Tine Seed variant of Guttler’s Green Master. Fitted with 80 slotted seed boots on each of the unit’s heavy 12mm harrow tines, it can be used to sow seed on 7.5cm row spacings via eight 10-outlet mini distribution heads. But Wox insists this isn’t solely a grassland tool – it’s apparently being used by a number of growers across the country to establish cereals.

Ideally operated in tandem with a trailed roller, a 6.0m version retails at £27,500 with a matching width trailed Prisma serrated ring roller adding a further £14,000.

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