UK support for Xerion slurry specials

Sales and service support for specialist slurry application systems for Claas Xerion tractors are now being handled by the Bauer team in the UK and Ireland.

by Steven Vale

22 Jul 2019

Bauer Group acquired German manufacturer SGT (Silage & Gulle-Technik) in 2015. SGT is best known for its slurry tanker loading system and large capacity mounted and semi-mounted tanks for the Xerion, which converts it into a self-propelled slurry spreader.

“Bauer initially chose to leave sales and service support for the UK and Ireland in the hands of a Netherlands-based agent,” explains Adrian Tindall, Bauer sales manager. “But now my colleague Rob Jackson and I have responsibility for these products.

Rob Jackson (left) and Adrian Tindall of Bauer are now handling sales and support for Bauer Group’s specialist SGT slurry and digestate field application systems.

“They are complementary to the Bauer range of high-specification trailed slurry tankers, pumps, stirrers and separators, and both dealers and end users will benefit from our direct support.”

Soon after acquiring SGT, Bauer applied its expertise in poly-tank production – a hand-laid polyester laminate manufacturing process – to produce a new mounted tank for the forward control Xerion S-Trac.

For the Xerion S-Trac, the 16m³ Bauer mounted poly tank has 2m³ more capacity than its steel predecessor but weighs 1.8t less.

The 16m³ Bauer PT17 poly tank and front-mounted filling pump system converts the Claas Xerion 4000 S-Trac into a self-propelled slurry and digestate applicator.

Other Bauer products acquired with SGT include steel semi-tankers towed from a chassis-mounted coupling in a configuration that transfers more of the tanker’s weight to the tractor wheels for optimum traction and stability.

There are 16,000- to 21,000-litre single-axle versions for the mid-cab Xerion Trac and JCB Fastrac 4000 Series tractors, and tandem- and triple-axle models with capacities up to 30,000-litres for the Xerion Trac. A twin-axle, 30,000-litre semi-tanker is also available for the forward control Xerion S-Trac.

Main picture: A 30,000-litre capacity semi-trailed slurry/digestate tanker on a Xerion 4000 S-Trac with front-mounted filling system.