Upgrade scheme for latest Topcon systems

A trade-in scheme from Topcon dealer LH Agro allows any brand of precision farming equipment to be exchanged for ‘generous savings’ against the most recent X-series ISObus-compatible implement control consoles and steering solutions.

by Steven Vale

12 Jan 2021

Available across the range from the entry-level XD+ (12.1”) and XD (7”) models to the range-topping X35 (12.1”) and X25 (8.3”), customers trading-in an existing manual lightbar guidance system will be eligible for up to £1,800 of retail credit which can be put towards a Topcon X-console based autosteer system.

Likewise, customers trading-in an EGNOS enabled electric steering wheel system will receive £3,200 off the cost of an RTK enabled X-console autosteer system, and trading-in an existing RTK autosteer system will entitle customers to £6,400 off the price of two RTK enabled X-console autosteer systems.

“With many arable farms still feeling the impact of last year’s poor harvest, we were keen to find a way of simplifying the process of upgrading to the latest precision farming tech,” explains Richard Reed, managing director of LH Agro.

Complementing the existing 0% finance deal, Mr Reed says this not only makes the latest precision farming equipment affordable for farmers who are kitting out new machinery, but also for those who want to retro-fit an existing machine to make it auto-steer compatible or which they want to upgrade to include section control and variable rate application.

“In the same vein, the trade-in scheme makes it easier and more affordable for users of older equipment to upgrade to the latest generation of guidance systems without having to worry about compatibility issues or having to sell their old equipment.”