The latest round of upgrades to Dewulf’s GB series of trailed top lifting harvesters are designed to increase capacity and reduce maintenance. The floating share design on the GBI (single-row) and GBII (two-row) carrot harvesters ensure stability even at high cutting speeds. The Belgian company says the generously-sized 1.4m super grip-profile belts allow harvesting to continue longer when conditions worsen, and users seeking more intensive cleaning can fit each harvesting element with two rotary cleaners. Fitted with a new maintenance-free gearbox, a hydraulically driven roller prevents carrot losses below the cutters, and a second roller stops the accumulation of haulm at the edge of the cross conveyor. An automatic system ensures optimal filling of the 8.2cu.m. capacity bunker, and the optional bunker load optimisation boosts the capacity to 10cu.m. Four other configurations are available but the standard tyre is the Mitas 620/70 R30. The GB can be fitted with a side-shift on the left wheel as an option for increased stability, and Dewulf says the optional hydraulic drive of both wheels with traction control allows the harvester to work in the toughest conditions. Equipped with a hedgehog belt to produce a clean product straight from the land, the GB is joystick controlled, and up to four cameras can be fitted to monitor crop flow through the machine.