A BlackBird slurry applicator with a variable working width of 21m to 30m is the latest innovation from Vogelsang.

To alter the working width, various sections can be unfolded or remain tucked in. All the operator has to do is select the desired width on the in-cab terminal and the machine does the rest, including altering the flow to match.

The multi-section boom includes a telescopic element which comes into play when the two 1.5m sections are not in use or if the outer 3.0m section on the left and right are in work or not. Trailing shoe spacing is 25cm. The boom folds along the flanks of the tank.

Vogelsang has also modified the SwingMax5 Slide with a new layout to reduce its dimensions in transport and there is also a new 24m version. Highlights include a hydraulic opening stone trap and a show spacing of 25cm.

Both the new variable width BlackBird slurry applicator and SwingMax5 Slide will be on the company’s stand at Agritechnica.

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