Dutch firm Vervaet’s Hydro Trike XL 18T is soon to be joined by a version aimed at contractors seeking a more compact, lightweight and favourably-priced self-propelled manure spreader. Called the Hydro Trike 16T, the newcomer lacks the hydraulically-extending mid-mounted axle of its bigger brother.

The capacity of the spreader box is 16t (18t on the XL), the driveline is identical to that of the 18T, and the 16T is powered by a 480hp DAF Paccar MX355 engine. Spreading is controlled though a fully automatic application system. All the driver is required to do is enter the target application rate and the density of the material on the touch screen. The system then automatically determines the gate height, floor speed, and other parameters.

We understand that the new machine, which the company says has a low centre of gravity for good stability, will not be finished in time for Agritechnica. We look forward to seeing a prototype in the field sometime next year.