A new linkage option halves the row spacing on Vogelsang trailing shoe slurry applicators from 25 to 12.5cm. This doubles the surface area coverage without affecting tractor forward speed.

Called DoubleFlow, a Y-shaped piece on the new double runner linkage divides the drain hose into two outlets. Designed to fit the flow optimized PrecisionFlow spout, the linkage is available for the UniSpread and BlackBird trailing shoe linkages from May this year.

The newly developed lightweight double runner concept ensures that the weight of the Y-flow distributor is the same as the standard unit. Made from individually replaceable Hardox steel blades and wear-resistant plastic, the result is said to be easy to operate and maintain.

Vogelsang’s Andy Hayhurst says that the firm’s trailing shoe applicators are becoming more popular in the UK due to the precise slurry positioning provided by the PrecisionFlow spout. “This is especially important on grassland to improve forage quality and reduce the risk of slurry contamination.”

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