Dutch-firm Vredo launched its largest and most powerful self-propelled slurry tanker to date at last week’s ATH farm machinery show. Called the VT7028-3, and offered with 21 or 32cu.m. tank sizes, power to the six-wheeled monster comes courtesy of a 16lit Deutz V8 that kicks out a maximum power just short of 700hp at a low-revving 1800rpm. Replacing the previous 550hp 5518-3, and fitted with an in-house developed CVT (40 or 50kph options) the company says the extra power will come in handy with contractors working on hilly land. Coming in at an overall width of 3m on all tyre options – 900/60R42, 1050/50R32 and 1250/50R32 – the company is hopeful of selling around a dozen of the €600,000-costing machines a year.