The VX-R Tractor tyre range from Bridgestone is said to have wide-tread traction, long wear life, and excellent driver comfort.

The tread-width is at least as wide as the nominal tyre width. This provides more contact between the tyre and the soil, maximising traction. The VX-R Tractor has the same tread compound as the VT-Tractor and VX-Tractor ranges.

The new range has also been designed with a matched rolling circumference for each front/rear combination. This provides an exact front axle lead, meaning that the front tyres travel slightly faster than the rear tyres. This, says Bridgestone, improves fuel efficiency, tyre life, and traction.

VX-R tyres can be fitted to any tractor and combined with any brand. The tyres are 1.6 bar specification and will be available in 23 sizes through 2023. An additional 23 sizes to be introduced in 2024 in 65, 70 and 85 series from 24 to 38 inch rims.

Also new is the Agro-Tyre-Pressure, a smartphone application that helps farmers to define the right pressure of their agricultural tyres from a range of different brands.

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