The new Lynx mounted tine drill is described as a lighter more compact alternative to the Sabre. The latest version of the trailed GD will also be on the Weaving stand.

The Lynx still uses four-rows of tine coulters with auto-reset and tungsten tips. The 2,000-litre plastic hopper sits above an RDS controlled metering system and there is a following harrow at the rear.

Consistent sowing depth is maintained by the wide gauge wheels and the wing pivots that allow a degree of contour following.

The new drill range will initially be available as a 6.0m with a 4.8m arriving in the spring. The tine is capable of low-disturbance drilling thanks to the narrow points.

Early this year Weaving released the latest upgrades to the mounted GD disc drill. At Agritechnica, these same features will be seen on its trailed sibling for the first time.

The refreshed trailed GD now features a new tubular coulter frame and the gas spring system on the upgraded coulter is said to provide more constant pressure and easier set-up.

It is 10 years since Weaving last had a stand at Agritechnica. “When we were here in 2013, we were a small fish in a big pond,” comments Simon Weaving, who adds that since then the company has developed its seeding technology and grown its manufacturing operations.

Commenting on his decision to return to the German show, Mr Weaving says that sales across the UK and France are very strong, and the firm’s overseas presence is growing.

“The trailed GD drill has been our bestseller beyond the British border despite fairly limited exposure, after a few busy years in our domestic market, we are ready and excited to come to Agritechnica and throw our hat in the ring as one of Europe’s best seed drill manufacturers.”

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