The 6m working width of Weaving Machinery’s current widest Short Disc harrow is ample for most users, but customers seeking even higher outputs will be pleased to learn the company is planning to come with wider working widths of up to 12m. The first part of this plan will see the launch of an 8m trailed version at LAMMA 2016. Like the current 3, 4, 5 and 6m folding models, the 8000T provides users with a fast and shallow-working means of encouraging weed seeds and volunteers to chit. With a power requirement of around 250hp, the 8000T is suitable for working at depths between 1.2cm to 7.6cm in stubbles or on ploughed land. Its wider working width aside, the 8000T has another trump card in that the two 4m disc sets can be quickly removed and swapped for a wide range of other implements, including a couple of 4m stubble rakes, and also subsoiling legs. The 8000T’s standard equipment includes 64 scalloped boron discs followed by a full width ‘V’ ring roller, transport lights, hydraulic brakes and BKT flotation tyres. Provided with the same 12 month guarantee on non-wearing parts as the rest of the Short Disc range, the 8000T, which costs from £28,600 and folds to 3m, will be available from January.