Wide working Bergmann spreader

The TSW2140E (14m³) is the latest universal model from the German manufacturer to be offered with the patented Vspread wide spreading unit.

by Steven Vale

23 Mar 2022

With a maximum operating width of over 36m, the more even material distribution on the single-axle spreader is achieved by the combination of the beaters, 1.8m high spreader unit and V-shaped arrangement of the larger 1.10m-diameter discs.

Increased accuracy is not the only benefit over the standard spreading unit. Other claimed plusses of Vspread include higher outputs, reduced spreader wear through fewer passes and the possibility to work on 24m and wider tramlines.

The beaters are chain driven as standard. The cardan drive option (also available with the standard disc spreading unit) helps to reduce maintenance and noise levels.

First seen on the twin-axle TSW6240 at Agritechnica 2019, Vspread is also available on other universal TSW machines, including the 5210 and triple-axle 7340.