Sitting above the existing two and four row rigid models (row widths from 75cm-90cm), the two newcomers share much of their technology with the rigid versions.

Aimed at potato growers keen to mechanically weed the ridges, the two new folding versions of the Belgian-made ridger are for six (80-90cm rows) and eight x 75cm rows.

This includes the base chassis to which different weeding elements and discs can be added. Weed control on the ridge sides and/or reshaping the ridge is possible in growing crops. A weight transfer system ensures the ridge retains its shape.

Tractor power requirement of the hydraulically folding versions (transport width around 3.0m) is from 70hp. The extensive list of options includes levelling elements, discs, V-shaped hoeing elements, numerous tines for different soil types and ridging hoods.

Available for next season, prices start from around €23,100.