Czech cultivator and drill maker Bednar Farm Machinery will extend its Omega OO L seed drill range upwards at Agritechnica with a new 8m version. Joining the 3m model launched at SIMA earlier this year, and the existing 6m version, the Omega 8000L (L = light design/plastic hopper) is designed for working with a range of crops on 12.5cm or 16.5cm row widths.

Supporting two rows of 460mm-diameter discs, and available with a maximum hopper capacity of 4,000 litres, the 8000L is operated from an ISObus terminal. Fitted as standard, the PSP (Precise Seed Placement) system ensures that the disc coulters follow ground contours and place seed at the same depth along the entire width, while the offset arrangement of the rear tyre packer is designed to compact the soil evenly.

Optional equipment includes seed flow sensors, the possibility to switch off half of the machine, a front levelling board, tyre packer, and A-discs or coulter sections for early spring work. Available sometime next year, the company recommends matching the 8m drill to a 250 to 350hp tractor.